What Is Asthma: And How To Manage It

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What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a medical condition that affects the airways (the breathing tubes that carry air into our lungs). From time to time, people with asthma find it harder to breathe in and out, because the airways in their lungs become narrower (like trying to breathe through a thin straw), while at other times their breathing is normal. There is no cure for asthma, but it can usually be well controlled. Most people with asthma can stay active and have a healthy life.

Common Symptoms

  • Wheezing – a high-pitched sound coming from the chest while breathing
  • A feeling of not being able to get enough air or being short of breath
  • A feeling of tightness in the chest
  • Coughing

Common Triggers

Common triggers can be things such as a cold & flu, allergies, dust mites, smoke, pollution, fragrances, exercise, weather conditions (heatwaves/bush fires etc), mould and air pollution.

How To Keep Your Asthma Under Control

  1. Medicines – taken at the time and in the right way
  2. Regular medical visits – learn how to live with your asthma
  3. Develop an action plan – to be ready when your symptoms hit

Suggested Products

Spacer: Spacers help the medication from the Asthma puffer gain immediate access to where it needs to be in the lungs. A spacer can also makes it easier to coordinate breathing in and pressing the puffer, especially for young children and those with restrictions such as arthritis.

Nasal rinse: Nasal irrigation will help reduce the levels of inhaled allergens and viruses taken in through the nasal passage and airways. This will therefore help in reducing inflammation in the nasal passage. It can also help with absorption of nasal medications which has lead to significant improvement in the control of both hay-fever symptoms and the severity of asthma.

Vitamins: OB Bronchelix is a multi-purpose expectorant and antitussive (cough suppressant) that helps soothe the airways. The vitamin helps reduce mucous along with anti- inflammatory and detoxifying effects to promote healthy lung and respiratory function.

Make sure to speak to your pharmacist for their recommendation of any vitamins or OTC products.

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