Tips On Staying Healthy This Winter

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Feeling Well Again – A Guide To A Speedy Recovery

Making a few adjustments where your diet and lifestyle are concerned can make a big difference to helping you recover quicker from illness!

Eating well can have a positive and significant impact on your mood as well as your health. Getting the nutrients you need is vital to nourish your whole body, to boost emotional health and reduce the risk of future illness.

Some of the most unhealthy mistakes people make include consuming a diet too high in sugar, lacking in vegetables and fibre with too much processed/refined foods. To to add vegetables, fruits, legumes, raw nuts and seeds to your diet in as many ways as you can:

– Add pureed vegetables to pasta sauces,
– Replace pasta with vegetable noodles,
– Have more salad or vegetables with lunch and dinner
– Snack on vegetable sticks with hummus or guacamole
-Bulk out casseroles/stews with more lentils and vegetables
– Attempt to reduce fatty meats.

Limit your alcohol. Alcohol can interfere with sleep, deplete your body of nutrients, cause inflammation in the body while acting as a depressant for your mood. The occasional glass of wine is fine, just avoid too many glasses!

Drink more water or herbal teas – it is always important to stay hydrated AND REST – slow down if you can to fully recover from any illnesses.

Lifestyle Tips With Lisa Mackay

With over 18 years experience, our Naturopath Lisa is an expert when it comes to living a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. She shares her knowledge in our Lifestyle Tips series.

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