Ground-Breaking Probiotic For New And Expecting Mums

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What Is Qiara And Why Is It Important?

Every mother wants to give her baby the best start in life. Maintaining optimum health during pregnancy, breastfeeding and infancy is of the utmost importance to both mother and baby. To be at your best, it is important to maintain a healthy probiotic balance.

Qiara is a ground-breaking new probiotic containing Lactobacillus Fermentum originally isolated from healthy human breast milk which has been specifically formulated for pregnant and breastfeeding mums.

What Does It Do?

  1. Helps maintain a healthy microflora, important for you and baby before, during and after pregnancy
  2. Helps restore balance of good bacteria in breast milk that may have been reduced by antibiotics, or other external factors
  3. Relieves or reduce breast pain and discomfort associated with mild mastitis while breastfeeding
  4. Reduce the recurrence of mild mastitis (inflammation of the breast)
  5. Improve general digestive and gut health

When Should You Take Qiara?

Take Qiara Pregnancy & Breastfeeding from preconception, in your last trimester or throughout your entire pregnancy and breastfeeding.

If symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

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