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Tailored Meds for Your Needs

The big pharmaceutical companies would like to think that a one size fits all approach might work for medications but we all know that that is not always the case.

From time to time you need your medication to be tailored to your needs. It might be that you need a specific dose of a medication that is not routinely available, perhaps there has been a manufacturing issue that means your medicine is not available, or if you can’t swallow tablets and need your medication to be encapsulated. There are many reasons why you might need your medication individually compounded to meet your needs.

Thankfully we can tailor these solutions for you at your local Greenleaf Pharmacy.

About Greenleaf Compounding Services

shutterstock 257412457Our compounding team will manufacture just about anything that your doctor requests using Fagron & Medisca products which are manufactured in line with the lofty standards of the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) to ensure your compounded product meets the highest standard of quality control. Our compounding pharmacists have undergone further study to bring you the best compounded medicine available. 

We commonly compound Melatonin, PEA (Palmitoyl Ethanolamine)