Join the Greenleaf and Pharmacycle Initiative – Sustainable Blister Pack Recycling

Pharmacycle, available at all Greenleaf Pharmacies, provides an easy and effective way to recycle your empty medicinal blister packs. This program manages the entire recycling process, ensuring full transparency and environmental benefits. Learn more about Pharmacycle and how you can participate at your local Greenleaf pharmacy.

Pharmacycle employee emptying collected blister packs into recycling tray

Why we advocate the Pharmacyle program

Supporting a Sustainable Future

By partnering with Pharmacycle, we are helping to divert thousands of blister packs from landfills. This initiative significantly reduces environmental pollution and supports our commitment to promoting a healthier, more sustainable future.

Transparent & Responsible Recycling

There is full transparency and traceability in the recycling process. From collection to processing, each step is carefully managed to ensure that blister packs are effectively recycled.

Innovative Recycling Solutions

Pharmacycle uses advanced technology to manage the recycling of blister packs. This ensures that the mixed materials, including plastic and aluminum, are efficiently separated and recycled, significantly reducing waste.

Community Engagement & Impact

The program engages communities by providing accessible recycling points and encouraging responsible waste disposal. This initiative promotes environmental awareness and involvement at the grassroots level, fostering a culture of sustainability.

Keep an eye out for this recycling receptacle

Enjoy the benefits of Pharmacycle’s recycling service at no charge, ensuring that recycling your blister packs is both convenient and cost-effective.

Greenleaf Pharmacies proudly offer Pharmacycle’s recycling service at every location.

Participating in Pharmacycle’s recycling initiative means you’re playing a vital role in promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Don’t forget to collect and deposit your used blister packs!

On your next visit to a Greenleaf Pharmacy, recycle your blister packs

A word from our Head Buyer, Amanda

A sustainable initiative every pharmacy and healthcare facility should fully embrace

Pharmacycle has revolutionized how we handle medicinal blister pack waste. By making recycling accessible and free at all Greenleaf locations, we can significantly reduce our environmental footprint. It’s a game-changer for sustainability in healthcare.

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