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Herbs of Gold at Greenleaf: Where Tradition Meets Modern Health Solutions

Herbs of Gold vitamins are proudly Australian-made, developed by a team of highly qualified naturopaths, herbalists, and nutritionists. Their extensive vitamin range is designed to support individuals of all ages and life stages, catering to various health needs and preferences. Known for their commitment to quality, Herbs of Gold offers vegan-friendly, low-allergy options free from artificial colors and flavors, ensuring natural and effective health solutions.

Herbs of Gold product range

Why we choose Herbs of Gold vitamins

Natural, Vegan & Allergy Friendly

Vegan-friendly range that is low allergy and free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners.

30 Years of Dedication

Producing a range of therapeutic herbal and nutritional supplements to nourish Australians with quality products.

Clinically Trialled Ingredients

Ingredients based on the latest research.

The Best of Nature

They take an understanding of the traditional use of ingredients and blend it with the latest scientific research for their use in complementary therapies.

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Herbs of Gold Activated B Complex

Activated B Complex


Herbs of Gold Activated B Complex contains activated B vitamins, including B2, B6, methylfolate (folate) and mecobalamin (B12), to help support energy production and assist in the maintenance of general wellbeing.

Herbs of Gold vitamins activated sublingual b12

Activated Sublingual B12


Activated Sublingual B12 provides 1000 micrograms of co-methylcobalamin, the active form of vitamin B12, in a pleasant tasting tablet that conveniently dissolves under the tongue.

Herbs of Gold Magnesium 900

Magnesium Citrate 900


Herbs of Gold Magnesium Citrate 900 provides an organic form of magnesium to maintain healthy muscle contraction function and nervous system health.

Herbs of Gold vitamins clear skin

Clear Skin

Hair, Skin & Nails

Clear Skin is a combination of nutrients plus Burdock and Yellow dock, herbs traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to support skin health.

Herbs of Gold vitamins Probiotic 60 billion

Probiotic 60 Billion

Gut & Liver

Herbs of Gold Probiotic 60 Billion is a high-strength combination of 12 different probiotics to maintain beneficial intestinal flora and healthy digestive system function.

Herbs of Gold vitamins Quercetin complex

Quercetin Complex


Herbs of Gold Quercetin Complex provides 500mg of quercetin blended with bioflavonoids and vitamin C to support healthy immune system function.

* Stock and availability is variable. Sometime we may not have these exact products in stock. Please contact your local pharmacy to confirm.

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A word from our Head Buyer, Amanda

Nourishing your health with natural goodness

Greenleaf is delighted to offer Herbs of Gold, a brand known for its premium quality vitamins and herbal supplements. Our customers rely on their products for effective and natural health support. Herbs of Gold’s commitment to using the finest ingredients and rigorous quality standards aligns perfectly with our mission to promote optimal health in our community.

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