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Check your Blood Pressure

Heart disease is the single biggest killer of Australians according to the Heard Foundation. In many respects one of the most dangerous aspects of heart disease and one of the easiest treated is high blood pressure. Day to day stresses, poor diet choices, increasing levels of obesity and busy lifestyles limiting our ability to exercise are but a few factors that contribute to hypertension.

Greenleaf Pharmacy Blood Pressure Services

blood pressure targetHypertension is most often without symptoms; you may have it but be unaware. One of our trained pharmacists can measure your blood pressure in store. It is a free service for Greenleaf customer members. We can track and monitor your blood pressure over a series of visits and refer you to appropriate channels, even make an appointment with a doctor for you, if we consider it necessary.

Steps to manage hypertension

If you are diagnosed with hypertension, your doctor might first recommend increasing exercise, losing weight and improving your diet:

  • Try and eat more fruit and vegetables, limit salt intake and avoid saturated fats, this will give you more energy and vitality and it will respect your heart.
  • Thirty minutes of moderate exercise a day, which could be as simple as a brisk walk to the shops or around the block with the dog could be enough to dramatically reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Losing weight not only reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease but also will help with your mental well-being and help you live longer. You can discuss weight loss with your mental well-being and help you live longer. You can discuss wieght loss options with any of our Greenleaf staff and we can tailor an option to suit you.

Medication to assist

If your doctor does decide it is time for you to start medication to control your blood pressure, it is critically important that you take your medication routinely. We are trying to control your blood pressure over the long term to avoid complications associated with cardiovascular disease. Make sure you speak to one of our Greenleaf Pharmacists about how can you get the best outcome with your medications.

For more about Blood Pressure and cardiovascular disease, there is a wealth of information on the Health Foundation website.