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Monitor your Blood Glucose

Diabetes is an epidemic in Australia; an epidemic is a disease that is spiraling out of control. There are 280 people diagnosed with diabetes every day, which is one every five minutes. 100,000 people were diagnosed last year and it could be affecting 1 in 10 people.

What Can High Blood Sugar Lead to?

Amazing d Tech Continuous Glucose MonitoringHigh blood sugar may be an early indicator of Type 2 diabetes, which is one of the fastest growing diseases in Australia. Diabetes is dangerous because high sugar in the blood can be very damaging to sensitive tissues in our bodies. Namely it can damage our eyes leading to blindness, our kidneys resulting in dialysis, our skin leading to amputation and our nervous system.

Steps to maintain a healthy Blood Sugar Level

Diabetes is a progressive disease, which means that it may start with mild symptoms but progress to severe symptoms requiring multiple treatments including a multitude of medications and ultimately injectable insulin. You can slow the progression by being adherent to any medications your doctor may prescribe for you and you can talk to our Greenleaf Pharmacists about how to best manage your medications.

Below are some steps our Greenleaf Pharmacists suggest to maintain a healthy level:

  • Increasing exercise may assist to naturally improve your diabetes. Try getting at least thirty minutes of brisk exercise a day, this will help to manage your weight and limit the progression of diabetes.
  • Making healthy diet choices will also assist to naturally improve your diabetes. Limit your carbohydrate intake, after all carbohydrate is a complex sugar that will boost your blood sugar levels. Eat more fruit and vegetables and limit saturated fats. If you would like to discuss weight loss options you can ask any of our Greenleaf staff.

How can Greenleaf Pharmacists assist:

With a simple MedsCheck and a few questions regarding your diet, height and weight our trained Greenleaf Pharmacists can determine your diabetes risk and refer you to the appropriate health professionals if necessary.
Your Greenleaf Pharmacist will conduct your Diabetes MedsCheck in one of our private consultation rooms in store. They will review your medications and will provide professional advice on how to best maximise the efficiency of your medication to ensure they are taken correctly.
Your pharmacist will also talk to you about blood glucose monitoring and offer tips on how to make the most of it. You will be provided with a list of practical medication and diabetes management tips to take home.

Is it for me?

  • Do you have type 2 diabetes?
  • Do you ever forget to take your medications?
  • Do you not always understand how your medication works?
  • Do you think you are experiencing side effects?
  • Would you like to learn how to use glucose monitoring more effectively?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the questions, a Diabetes MedsCheck will be perfect for you.

Do I qualify for a free diabetes MedsCheck?

The Greenleaf Diabetes MedsCheck is free for Medicare Card holders who:

  • Have recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or would like more support to manage it
  • Have found it difficult to access or have never seen a diabetes educator
  • Are living at home, i.e not in a care facility and
  • Have not had a Medicare fundedĀ  medication check in the last 12 months