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The best FREE Pharmacy Rewards Club in the country! Earn $1 for every $15 you spend*. Plus hundreds of special offers, vouchers, rewards and more for our Greenleaf Members.

(“*excludes all NHS prescriptions, Lotterywest products and NETT items*”)
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How do I Sign Up to MedAdvisor?

It’s simple and free to join:


  1. Drop your prescription(s) into your local Greenleaf Pharmacy as scripts on file (link to our scripts on file page).
  2. Let us know you’d like to join MedAdvisor.
  3. Your Greenleaf Pharmacists will then ask for your mobile number and sign you up to the MedAdvisor APP.
  4. Shortly after, you will receive a text message with a link to download our MedAdvisor APP
  5. Follow the prompts and set up your unique password and away you go!

How and when will I receive reminders?

  • Depending which method you choose, you will receive a reminder either through a notification via the APP or SMS to your phone when you are next due for a prescription repeat or in need of a new prescription from your Doctor.
  • If you’re due for a prescription repeat, you can place your order for collection from the store.
  • We will send a confirmation reminder once your medication has been dispensed by the Pharmacist and is ready to be picked up.

What are the benefits of this program?

  • Easy to use prescription management.
  • Easy customer visibility so you can view your prescription medications, how many repeats left and colour indicators if action is required.
  • “Fill-My-Scripts” and “See-My-Dcotor” Reminders mean you’ll never forget to re-order or renew your prescription.
  • Option to receive “Take-My-Meds” reminders for when to take your medication each day, at the appropriate times.
  • You won’t lose refill prescriptions as they are kept safe at the Pharmacy with Scripts On File.
  • Avoid having to wait in store for your prescriptions to be dispensed.
  • Option to request a Home Delivery¬†
  • Ability to also manage your vitamins and when is the best time to make them.
  • Option for Career Mode also allows you to manage the medication for other family members who may be unable to, or require assistance.